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Personal Money Management for Folks in the Performing Arts

Hello and welcome back!

There are two things I truly understand in this world: Musicals and Money. I am a commercial theatre producer and manager here in the city, and have worked on shows such as The Band's Visit and The Prom. My most recent producing venture was Emojiland at the 2018 NYMF, which was showered with accolades from the New York Times and more. Ok enough about me....

I want to help you make and keep money in the theatre.

I am looking to share my knowledge of how to financially thrive in show business, and more specifically how to turn your art into income. You will hear my personal financial journey and how I made myself “boots out of gaff tape”, left a life of scarcity, and became a successful and active member of the Broadway community. I'll share my trials, defeats, and lessons learned. You will also be shown practical methods to reduce expenses, generate income, and the rules of the FICO credit score game.

Come join us to discuss wealth accumulation, mental money blocks, and more!

Class Schedule

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