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Thanks for stopping in! It has been my dream to have a place to share my views of the world for years, but I honestly never felt like it would be that interesting. I questioned whether my stories would be worth the read time. Well, I saw the show "Eve's Song" at the Public Theatre last night, and the line "speaking truth to power" garnered a wave of laughs from the uniquely interracial audience. This quote, which I'm sure Oprah coined, has been sitting with me for the last 24 hours, so I said "screw it"! .... ha ha... Yeah I've never blogged but here's me taking a leap of faith! If you don't know me, I'm Jackie and I live in the Greater New York City area as defined by Linkedin. I'm a black female commercial theatre producer working in a sector of the industry that's just now opening its doors to people of color, but can't stand us warming up our food in the office microwave. I'm also obsessed with increasing financial literacy within myself and the people I love. I'll give my thoughts on current events with a focus on the entertainment industry and the Broadway brand. I'll share my journey as I navigate the Theatre District and beyond, both the good and the bad. Finally I'll share my journey with openness and definitiveness. Thanks again and enjoy the ride!

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I look forward to reading more Jackie!

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